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Group 3: Summary

Victor Frankenstein, a young Swedish man, is a student of medicine in Ingolstadt. He is obsessed with all the mysteries of life and death, and he creates a man using different parts from bodies of people that had died recently. The experiment succeeds when Victor gives life to the body. The doctor wanted the experiment to be beautiful, but soon he realizes that he created a monster and he runs away from the lab. When he goes back, he doesn’t find the monster and he thinks that the problem had ended.

However, the monster makes much more travel that he expected. The doctor goes to Ginebra, where he was born, after he discovers that his little brother, William, has died, but then he realizes that the monster had murdered him. He (Victor) feels very guilty when he discovers this, and even more when he allows a maid to be punished for the crime.
Victor decides to go to the mountains to calm himself. He finds the monster, who tells him that he learnt to talk, but nobody wants him because of his ugly face and body, although he gives presents to the people. The monster asks Frankestein to make a monster-woman for him, and the doctor agrees.

When he’s about to finish her, he retracts and destroys it.

The monster gets very angry and kills Victor’s best friend, Clerval and his fiancée, Elisabeth, on their wedding night.
Frankenstein is horrified. Decided to end his creation, he follows him to the world’s end and
. . .

Members of the group: Guillermo Mosse, Julián Palladino, Martín Altman and Gonzalo Lomba.

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Here we include some videos. Some of them are trailers and the others are part of the story (for example, when the doctor makes the monster)

Enjoy them

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Excellent material, boys. Congratulations for the editing and organization too. Well done!