jueves, 25 de octubre de 2007

Did you like the play?

Today we enjoyed the performance of "The Stage Company" at school.

We watched, sang along and laughed with the actors.

How much did you like it? Write about this entertaining experience. I´m willing to know your opinions. Post an article or comment on this one.

Did anybody take apicture? Upload it, please, and share it with us all!

2 comentarios:

Yani y Naty dijo...

The play was fantastic! I'd really enjoy it. The songs (laugh at your fears, body parts)and the characters (Igor, Dr.Frankenstein, Ema, Frankenstein -the monster-, Miss Blotcher, etc.)were awesome.

Natalia Gluj.

Emilia Esper dijo...

I liked it a lot, it´s very funny, and y think that doing Frankenstein in a funny play, makes chirdren pay more atention; because this play has a lot of things, love, laught, terror, etc. and perhaps if the play was like the relly story, children wouldn´t pay attention. In all ways i think it was excellent!