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Group 1: Jazmin Pieczanski and Emilia Esper (2°G)

Mary Shelley:

.Frankenstein’s author was Mary Shelley; she was born in Somers Town, in London, in 1797. She was the daughter of famed feminist, educator, and writer Mary Wollstonecraft and a famous anarchist philosopher, novelist, journalist, and atheist dissenter William Godwin. Her mother died ten days after Mary was born as a result of puerperal fever. It didn’t past too much time before Mary’s father married again. The name of his new wife was Jane Clairmont. Mary had a very good education, which was not normal in those times, although Jane intervened in Mary’s education. She was encouraged to write stories, and one of her early works, “Mounseer Nongtopaw” was published by Godwin’s company.
.On a visit to her home, in 1812, Mary met Percy Bysshe Shelley, a political radical and free-thinker, like her father. He was married with Harriet, but he was not happy with his marriage. By 1814 Percy Shelley was paying frequent visits to Godwin, and had struck up a friendship with his daughter, Mary. In the summer of 1814, Mary and Percy fell in love but unfortunately for them, William Godwin discovered their relationship, and forbade them to see each other again. Mary initially tried to do what her father wished, but, after Percy threatened to commit suicide if he could not be with her, she realized that she needed to pursue their relationship. As a result, on 18 July 1814 Mary and Percy escaped to France with Mary's stepsister, Jane Clairmont.
.Mary, Percy and Jane, traveled to the lake Ginera, to share a summer with the Lord Byron, who had a romance with Jane. They met a group of intellectuals and poets, but they were obligated to stay in the house, because of the bad whether. So they did a competition of horror histories, but Mary couldn’t invent one. But that night she had a dream with a pale student of unhallowed arts kneeling beside the thing he had put together; so then she decided to write the history.
10 December, Percy's first wife, Harriet, drowned herself in London's Hyde Park, so On 30 December 1816, shortly after Harriet's death, Percy and Mary were married at St Mildred's Church in London, now with Godwin's blessing. In the spring of 1817, Mary finished Frankenstein.
.Shelley moved his ménage from place to place, first in England and then in Italy. Mary suffered the death of her infant daughter Clara outside
Venice, after which her young son Will died too, in Rome, as Percy moved the household yet again. The birth of her only surviving child, Percy Florence Shelley, consoled her somewhat for her losses. Percy Bysshe Shelley died drowned at sea on 8 July 1822, aged 29, and she died on 1 February 1851 at Chester square in London, England.

Family tree:
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Information from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Shelley

Emilia Esper and Jazmín Pieczanski.

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