miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2007

Group 5: Analysis (Andrea Epelbaum, Natasha Mendeluk y Jessica Zilberman)

In the story we can see how Victor, a scientist, rebels against the laws of nature and is punished by his own creation. Through this event, we learn that sometimes the application of science can lead to unintended consequences like in this case where the creature becomes a murderer against its creator´s intention.
In our opinion this story can be considered as a mere science fiction novel where many strange events take place. However when you come to think of it you realize that in some way it could be considered a criticism of scientists because scientists generally get so involved in their discoveries or inventions that they forget or ignore the dangers their new creations may cause.

An example of this may be Albert Einstein , one of the world´s most famous scientists, who created the mathematical formula explaining that matter can be changed to energy. He thought that this discovery would contribute to help the humanity. However scientists used Einstein's famous equation as the key to unlock atomic energy and also create atomic bombs.

Andrea Epelbaum, Natasha Mendeluk y Jessica Zilberman

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Jimena Castellión dijo...

Girls, this article is excellent. I absolutely agree with your ideas. Congratulations for your work. It is also brilliant from the point of view of language. Good work!