martes, 13 de noviembre de 2007

Group 5

"The book can be seen as a criticism of scientists who are unconcerned by the potential consequences of their work."

We believe that sometimes, when you start doing something you imagine that it will be very succesful, and sometimes it's real or more than succesful, but sometimes you think it will be brilliant and it's not what you thought.That's because you can have big expectations of something that you are working on and then you don't see it as excelent as you thought when you were planing it.
You're mind starts working and you imagina a lot of thing that can be real or not.
In the case of Frankenstein, he was afraid, confused, he had changed his surname, because he knew what happenned to his grandpa many years ago and he didn't want the same experience for him.But then, he proved and he discovered that his grandfather was a genius, that he had created life.He tryed to repeat the steps that his father wrote in a book and he had the same result, but again, he was repentant because he created a monster.He didn't saw the fact that he had created life, he only saw his creature and he rejected him.That's why we agree with the sentence.You never know what are you doing until you see the results.

Tamara, Darío, Gabriel y Martín. (2 º A)

sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2007

my opinion of the play (a bit late) by johanna g. 2m

well, i know that its a bit late to write this, but i couldnt enter to this mail
I really liked the play, i enjoyed it because it combined humour, music and a bit of romanticism together in an excellent way.
the songs had a very haunting rythm, and im still singing some of them ☻
There was only one problem, and it was that the guys of 3º were bothering all the time, but anyway i could enjoy the play
the vocabulary was really esay to understand, and the actors spoke clearly
i hope to repeat this experience because it was very funny, different and i think that it was much better that any listening excercise at class!!!

sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2007

Opinion about the play (by Tali and Ariana)

First of all we have to say tha was a wonderful play, we enjoy it a lot.
We love the songs that were really funny and entreteining.
We think that watching a play is a very good way to improve our english.
The performances were exellent and the actors have an awfully good pronunciation.
We hope to enjoy more of this amusing acts.