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Group 4 : Setting and Characters (Melisa and Dalia)

Alphonse Frankenstein - Victor’s father, very sympathetic toward his son. Alphonse consoles Victor in moments of pain and encourages him to remember the importance of family.
Elizabeth Lavenza - An orphan, four to five years younger than Victor, whom the Frankenstein’s adopt. In the 1818 edition of the novel, Elizabeth is Victor’s cousin, the child of Alphonse Frankenstein’s sister.
Henry Clerval - Victor’s boyhood friend, who nurses Victor back to health in Ingolstadt. After working unhappily for his father, Henry begins to follow in Victor’s footsteps as a scientist.
William Frankenstein - Victor’s youngest brother and the darling of the Frankenstein family. The monster strangles William in the woods outside Geneva in order to hurt Victor for abandoning him.
Justine Moritz - A young girl adopted into the Frankenstein household while Victor is growing up. Justine is blamed and executed for William’s murder, which is actually committed by the monster.
Caroline Beaufort- She dies of scarlet fever, which she contracts from Elizabeth, just before Victor leaves for Ingolstadt at age seventeen.

Where the story happens
The story happens at three locations: at Geneva (homeland of Dr. Frankenstein), in college and almost always in different forests and mountains, all spots isolated from the people and most gloomy often.
When the story happens:
The book begins with the letters of his sister Walton telling about his trip. This trip takes roughly three months, but we can not realize because no dates on the letters it sends. The story is developed in the eighteenth century, which affects quite in history and allows us to deduce some things like….

For women: long dresses with a lot of ornaments.
For men: dark costume with the same color for the tie.
Communication: They used to use letters, because it was a common between those years.
Transport: In those days they used carts, boats, wheelbarrows, etc.
Buildings: The castles were very dark and gothic and really huge.

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