lunes, 29 de octubre de 2007

Group 5 Analysis

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The scientists who are unconcerned by the potential consequences about working, for example Lamarck thought that he was in the correct idea about the evolution of the world. Perhaps he was interested in the natural selection so he hasn’t had a concrete ideology of his idea.
At the elections you can select person behaviour like the personality of Lopez Murphy Ricardo or Lavagna Roberto. They are two men running for president. The men have a smart opinion of the country. Argentina’s inhabitants are thinking so badly of their country, but we have to avoid that opinion.
We can continue with Frankenstein’s story.
Victor Frankenstein is a young Swedish scientific who is interested in mystery stories and creates body parts taken from recently dead people. Then Victor gives life to the body and intents the creature to be beautiful but he finds it a monster and runs out of the lab in terror. He thinks the nightmare wasn’t there, but he was wrong. In my opinion Victor was wrong because his fantasy took really when he was a monster. When you are felling the nightmare it can disturbed your mind and mixing the fantasy with the real life.

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Thank you for your opinion, Mayra, good work. I never though about comparing horror with politics but you have a point here.
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