viernes, 19 de octubre de 2007

Frankenstein(the plot) Por el Grupo 3

Here is the summary of the Marey Shelley´s Frankenstein:

After being rescued from near death, Victor Frankenstein tells Robert Walton the story of his upbringing in a warm Swiss family and his fascination with studying how life was formed. He was an avid, amateur scientist who created a "perfect" human from spare body parts - only to have his plan backfire when the monster turned out to be extremely hideous and unappealing. During a brief study and recovery period with Henry Clerval, his closest friend, Frankenstein’s monster navigated the social scene for human friendship and was turned down again and again. After observing a family living in a small cottage, monster Frankenstein mustered the courage to seek an invite before getting rejected again. The last straw, he ventured out to seek revenge on the person who created him.

During his trip back to Geneva, Switzerland - the monster met Frankenstein’s younger brother and killed him for revenge. After his brother’s death, Frankenstein went back to Geneva and found the monster canvassing the same woods his brother was last seen, coming to the realization the monster was responsible for this brutal act. After a short trip to the mountains, the monster caught up to Frankenstein and ordered him to create a female monster from scratch for companionship. After agreeing, he fled to England to start and scrapped the project midway, citing the possibility of further disarray. Knowing his days were numbered after Henry Clerval’s murder, he hastily married his cousin Elizabeth only to find his new wife killed by the monster later.

After paying a visit to the cemetery to meet with his fallen family members, Victor realizes that his life’s goal from that point forward was to hunt down the monster and kill him. Prior, Victor already determines his fate and goes ahead with his wedding day, knowing the monster would catch up to him. Now, he sought to kill the monster to save humanity from his menace. Victor chases after him throughout Europe and the North Pole, where he temporarily loses track of the monster through a crack in the ice where he also meets Robert Walton and his crew. Ambitious, Victor gives a thorough lecture on how chasing glory was his Achilles heel and the dangerous of being too ambitious, citing "tranquility" as one of life’s goals.

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Jimena Castellión dijo...

Boys: what you have published is not useful to the group. Apart from being too long and difficult, you just copied and pasted it from an Internet page. That could be the beginning of the task, but not the final result. YOU should read this or another shorter summary and SUMMARIZE the story in YOUR OWN WORDS (10 sentences would be fine, not more than that). You have 2 more days before the class debate. I´ll be expecting your new article.
Besides, you have to change your profile name immediately, the current one is inapproppriate for a school blog.
I know you can do better than this, keep trying!

Jimena Castellión dijo...

Much better boys, but I still don´t know who you are. Ari T.? Alan S.? Remember I asked you to sign your FULL names.
Two more things: Could it be possible that you include the title in English? and please CHANGE YOUR PROFILE information right away, it is not appropriate for a school task. Thank you, good correction. Well done!

Jimena Castellión dijo...

Excellent now! Good information, correct description of members and nice profile. Good work.