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Here go some suggestions for your task:

  • Read the instructions for your group carefully.
  • Remember your answers should be between 100 and 200 words long.
  • Once you have completed your answer, publish your article in this blog. Before 15th October would be best.
  • Remember to include the complete name of the members of the group in the article as well as the title and the source of your information.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Do not COPY and PASTE information from the web. A long and difficult answer will not help us, although it is very accurate and comprehensive. Write clear short sentences, so that we can all understand and share your ideas.
  • Consult me in class, if necessary, whatever doubt or question you may have.

Good luck!


Group 1:Biography

Include: A brief biography of the author, the circumstances under which she wrote the novel, and any other interesting detail you find about her.

Don´t forget to include a picture!

Group 2: The background

What kind of novel is this? Which are its characteristics? Here goes a hint

Tell us something about the place and the time when it was written.

Group 3: The story
Summarize the plot in no more than 200 words BUT DO NOT TELL US HOW IT ENDS.
Please, keep the ending a secret. Later you´ll reveal the mystery in class.

Group 4: Setting and characters
Find out about the setting of the story and describe the typical places/buildings of this type of novel. Give examples. Don´t forget to include the time too, and some usual elements for that time (for example transport, communication, clothes, etc.). Some pictures would help!
Name the main characters and describe them briefly.

Group 5: Analysis
"The book can be seen as a criticism of scientists who are unconcerned by the potential consequences of their work."
Explain this statement about the story and give your opinion about it.
Can you think of other examples of similar behaviour of man?

Group 6: Film versions
Several versions of this story were taken to the big screen. Can you search for some of the most important ones.
It would be great if you could get some trailers or videos to show how different they were from one another. Include title and year, please.
There were some parodies too, can you find them?

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melisa dijo...

hola jimena, soy melisa de 2-h
te queria preguntar, para cuando hay que publicarlo,cuando es la fecha final?
saludos y nos vemos..

Jimena Castellión dijo...

Melisa: We agreed that during next week would be OK, but if you are travelling or need more time, you can publish it before Monday 22nd.
My idea is that everyone can read the material and be ready to discuss it in class BEFORE the play (Thursday 25th). Good luck, see you on Wednesday. Jimena.

watson dijo...

Jimena, how can I publish the T.P? I'm not a member of the blog.
My mail is watson3001@gmail.com, if you can, add me to the blog.
Billy Mosse, from 2°G