lunes, 22 de octubre de 2007

Group 4: Andres Soibelzon

Frankenstein was about a doctor called Victor that was interested in the secrets of the sky and the earth. He was born in Switzerland and study in Ingolstadt, Germany. He was also interested in the "mysterious soul of the men". Victor create a body with many parts of cadavers, and the experiments concluded when the creature wake up and have life. Victor knows about the creature he had made and run away from his laboratory. When he returned to his laboratory the monster was not there. The monster tryed to establish a relation with people but he was rejected because of his appearence and he was full of hate and miserable.
Victor returned to Switzerland to rest with his family and think about what he has made.
Then he decided to go to the mountains. Near MontBlanc he met with the monster. Then the monster told him how he learns to speak watching a family secretly, and he asks Victor for a partner for him because he was too alone. Victor accepts the request and in an island in Scotland he decided to establish a new laboratory. He was finishing his experiment but before he gives life to the creature he decided to kill it. Frankenstein saw this and swears take revenge.
He was going to take revenge killing his best friend and his wife Elizabeth.
Victor follows the creature and he died in a ship.

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Jimena Castellión dijo...

Boys: Good work! Remember I need the full names of the members of the group. Besides, the title can´t be the name of one of you, change it please, to the title of the task.
One more thing: you were not supposed to tell us the ending... it would be a mystery you would reveal in clas. Good summary anyway, next time remember to read the tasks carefully.