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Group 2 - Background information- (Alejandro Otero- Juan Alonso- Robinson Lee)

The novel is wrote by Mary Shelley when she was 19, in 1818. First published on London but the version that we can see now is the third one published in 1838 with her own name too.
The novel tell us that a scientist called Frankestein wants to give live to a monster with human bodies parts, taken from the dead people. Now, the mayor part of the people thinks that the monsters is Frankestein.
This novel is horrorific (in the good sense of the word), we can also says that its a ghotic novel. Its characteristics are that this novel was against the modern revolution (industrial revolution), we can prove it with the subtitle of the novel, The Modern Prometheus.
This novel has had a big influence to the literature, art of writting and somes types of movies of horror genre.

To know a little more about...

The transport in that times (arround 1830) were, the most used, the train:

And about the comunication we cant find too much information but we think that was the letter.
This is all the information we can give and we hope that this help us!

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Jimena Castellión dijo...

Very good, boys. Perhaps a little more information about everday life details would help us "image" what life was like in those days. I mean, items such as transport, communication, and some other description of society of those days could be of great help. Well done.