miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2007

Group 5: Analysis, Johanna Gueler y Florencia Herbstein

We think that this might help
The doctor Frankenstein did not care about the product of his work like an irresponsible man
with no manners and no worry about the others who can suffer because of the consequences of the work but we must understand that the ambition, the narcissism and the selfishness can causes that a man forget all, that become something cold, without feelings, something like a monster...
We think that the book tries to show that there is a kind of people who, in one second, can become someone very different because of the excitement of a wish that they want to do or something that they' d want to prove. Or maybe the book tries to show that sometimes we all forget everything and only concentrate in our selfish things.
In the history there were a lot of events that scientists were so unworried about the consequences of their work. For example, the scientists who "invented" the atomic bomb, that weren't worried about the million of lives that their work could destroy. Also invents that should not be invented because of all the damage that they make in the present. When scientists invented things like guns or drugs commercialized, those people only wanted to show the amazing things that they could make, very dangerous things, but still amazing. They wanted to become rich, with a lot of prestige. Scientists are not perfect. Their minds can be amazingly intelligent, but they still need a bit of conscience.
Johanna Gueler y Florencia Herbstein

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Jimena Castellión dijo...

Girls, excellent analysis, you´re quite right about scientists, they might be brilliant but still need to be aware of the consequences of what they do. I definitively agree with you. Congratulations for your article!